Landscape Architect Application


If you wish to be listed, please complete the Application. It must be completed and sealed by a landscape architect who is (1) currently licensed to practice in New York State and (2) is currently a member of one of the New York ASLA chapters. The original form can be submitted as a PDF file below or mailed to the NYSCLA office at 52 S. Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207. Additionally, a principal or owner of the firm listed must sign the form. These may be the same person or different people. The ASLA membership information is confidential and will not be included on the website. Persons completing or updating this form are required to notify NYSCLA of any change in status with regard to items (1) and (2) above.

Submit Application

To submit your application online, please enter the path to the PDF file of your completed application.

(Must be PDF and less than 5 MB)
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