Find a Landscape Architect in New York State

Find a Landscape Architect in your area based on a number of criteria, such as services they provide, the county they reside in, a member name, or the firm's name.

If you wish to be listed, please complete the Application. It must be completed and sealed by a landscape architect who is (1) currently licensed to practice in New York State and (2) is currently a member of one of the New York ASLA chapters. The original form must uploaded or mailed to the NYSCLA office at 52 S. Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207. Additionally, a principal or owner of the firm listed must sign the form. These may be the same person or different people. The ASLA membership information is confidential and will not be included on the website. Persons completing or updating this form are required to notify NYSCLA of any change in status with regard to items (1) and (2) above.

Archive NYSCLA Records

NYSCLA is currently working to archive correspondence, minutes of meetings, memoranda, financial reports, publications, constitutions and by-laws, relevant documents, lobby day and legislative bills. These materials should form an historical record of the New York State Council from its inception - pre 1961. The Council has evolved through three distinct stages. Prior to licensing in 1961, the formal creation of the Council following licensing, and the reconstitution of NYSCLA and its maturity with a headquarters and staff in Albany. This project is being spearheaded by our most senior member, Domenico Annese. Nick is an invaluable resource and represents a vast wealth of knowledge relating to the profession and especially its early years.

Legislative Tracking

Tracking of licensing, practice, liability, environmental, and other important legislation affecting our profession. Legislation tracking provides information in a timely manner whereby The Council is able to garner support or opposition for legislation. This service allows The Council to be pro-active rather than reactive to legislative actions.

Lobby Day

Coordinate the participation by Landscape Architects in the annual NYS/AIA Lobby Day. Activities include scheduling of meetings, preparation of presentation material, background information, and discussions of our needs as a profession relating to current legislation with key legislators. See activities page for more information.

2009 Lobby Day Brochure

State Agency Liaison

Respond to and facilitate discussions with State Agencies on positions they have taken directly affecting the practice of our profession.


Responses to mail and phone inquiries received at our Albany office.

Recent NYSCLA Initiatives

Legislative Issues

  • Mandatory Continuing Education. We were successful in persuading both houses and the Governor to sign into law mandatory continuing education for new York state licensed landscape architects. The State Education Department has concluded writing regulations and they are available for review on the SED web site. As of January 1, 2007, landscape architects licensed in New York will be required to fulfill 12 hours of CE credit per year (36 hours for each triennial period).
  • Supported "The Statute of Repose" legislation. The Council for the past two years has undertaken with NYS/AIA and the three Engineering societies a letter writing campaign to urge our State Legislators to support this much needed legislation, legislation limiting the time exposure to third party lawsuits.
  • Supported the "Self-Employment Assistance Program." This legislation passed both houses and was signed into law. NYSCLA strongly supported this bill which will, under certain circumstances, entitle unemployed persons (read landscape architects) to collect an allowance similar to unemployment benefits while establishing their own firm.
  • Qualified support for "Procurement of Professional Services." We were successful in exempting design professions from competitive bidding laws,
  • Supported "Limited Liability Partnership and Limited Liability Corp." legislation. This legislation passed both houses and was signed into law.

State Agency Issues

  • Reversed the State Education decision on the elimination of landscape architects from designing, signing and sealing playground drawings.
  • Currently we are working with the State Education-Department of Facilities Planning to update their Manual of Planning Standards removing language precluding landscape architects from site planning of educational facilities.
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