Hunt's Point Landing

Hunt's Point Landing


In New York State,

a landscape architect is a qualified professional who has been awarded a license (by the state they are working in) and who, in order to render or offer to render services, holds registration which must be renewed every three years. Like architects and engineers, landscape architects are licensed by the State to protect the public's health, safety, and welfare.

The practice of landscape architecture is defined as the performance of services in connection with:

  • the development of land area including the preservation, enhancement or determination of proper land uses, natural land features, ground cover and planting,

  • naturalistic and aesthetic values,

  • the settings, approaches or environment for structures or other improvements,

  • natural drainage,

  • the consideration and determination of inherent problems of the land relating to the erosion, wear and tear, blight or other hazards, and

  • the location and arrangement of such tangible objects and features as are incidental and necessary to the purposes outlined above but does not include the design of structures or facilities with separate and self contained purposes ordinarily included in the practice of engineering or architecture.